What Else Than a Professional Landscaping Service We Offer

Pat's Custom Landscaping is a local company that designs and installs irrigation systems to provide its customers with years of optimum performance. Pairing proper design and installation techniques with our unmatched knowledge, we provide a landscaping service that is efficient and gives results that go beyond expectations.

If you are planning on installing your sprinkler system yourself, better not.

There are many problems those without knowledge can miss. For example, some plants are extremely sensitive to overwatering, while others can never get enough water. We know what kind of plants we have in Prescott, AZ and know how to address their watering needs correctly.

Beyond our knowledge of plants, we are masters of proper design, installation methods, and processes.

We will come to your home in Prescott, AZ and accurately measure the existing water pressure to create a system that will not overtax your supply and pressure limits. We have solutions for all sorts of situations, and we always plan ahead for potential add-ons in the future so you do not have to replace the entire system.

We offer installation of a variety of systems and accessories which reduce water usage and will save you money.

We buy from reliable suppliers and all our products are designed to enhance the capabilities of your irrigation system. We also install high-efficiency nozzles to accomplish the needed results. Whether you want some extra gadgets like rain sensors or an upgrade such as a weather station, we have got you covered.


With many years of professional experience in this industry, we, from Pat's Custom Landscaping, are sure to provide you with the type of landscaping service you need. Please contact us at (928) 778-1359 to speak with one of our sprinkler system installers and learn what else he can do for you. Do not hesitate to ask him any questions you may have. He will be more than happy to assist you!