Retaining Walls Main Problems

When to Contact a Retaining Wall Service

If you are planning to build a retaining wall at home, there are many things you should take into consideration in order to avoid any future problems. Because retaining walls, just as everything at home, need proper maintenance to last long.

A massive wallFirst of all, all should be designed and built to route water around the wall face. Once an area behind the wall begins to settle, water makes that area deeper and bigger. If the wall wasn’t designed or engineered to hold up the added weight, a blow-out could occur. Make sure you hire a professional retaining wall service; this can’t be done by amateurs or homeowners with a bit of do-it-yourself knowledge.

Preventing this problem is easy. Inspect your wall each spring. Look for low spots and areas that have settled. Pull back the landscape mulch or sod on the surface, and add enough new fill to bring the drainage back to its proper level

Another common maintenance problem is the lack of proper surface treatments. Once a new wall is completed, the surface areas surrounding the wall that were disturbed during construction are typically finished with some type of landscape treatment.

These surface treatments will need to be checked each spring until they are completely established. Walk the site carefully, and look for areas that aren’t in proper condition. Replace bad sod, re-seed bare areas, hire a reliable retaining wall service to work with the ground covers to encourage growth and coverage. Look for areas of erosion, ruts and channels on the surface and re-landscape as necessary.

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