How to Prevent Erosion

Erosion Control Methods

Before building a new house, you need to study the land to detect inclinations, movement, and prevent erosion. In this blog post, we will explain how to detect and prevent soil erosion.

Hands with soilThe first thing you must do is look for signs of erosion in the land you are going to build your property on.

However, you must keep in mind that erosion is different in every region, but there are a few characteristics that are common to all telltale signs. Here is a short list of the elements you should look at to determine if you need erosion control of the land before starting to build your property or business on top.

  • Check for bald spots; there are often places with no trees or plants growing, look closely and you might see a buildup of soil between them.
  • Exposed roots, whenever you see exposed roots, this is a clear sign of land erosion.
  • If you discover new rocks that weren’t there before, this is a clear sign of land erosion, usually caused by the soil receding around them.
  • When you find channels in the land, these areas are obviously done by the passing of wind and water. This major sign of erosion can lead to big problems if left unaddressed.

Go outside when raining; heavy rain will tell you when and where water forms on the land. This is very valuable information that will help you better protect your land from further erosion.
Remember that erosion can not only ruin and destroy your house foundation but also make it very difficult for you to grow and develop an attractive landscape, so before constructing, make sure you will hire a reliable erosion control service.

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