The Do’s and Don’ts with Landscaping

3 Basic Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid, Explained by a Reputable Landscape Contractor

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. However, sometimes homeowners can go to the extremes with their landscaping.

A wonderful house with splendid gardenOver the top lawn d?cor
Ask any professional landscape contractor, and they will tell you that installing too many decorative items in a garden will only spell trouble. Should you place many plastic gnomes within your garden, they will detract from the beauty of your landscape. It’s human nature to want to share things you like with your neighbourhood; however, try to practice restraint. When you go shopping and spot an item you like, before buying it, first ask yourself if it will fit in with your landscape. Do you really need it? And if so, why? Asking these basic questions could seem weird, however, it could save time and money in the long run. Stay clear of sales to save yourself from being tempted.

Poor research
Another common mistake is failing to do research on plants. All because a plant looks beautiful does not automatically mean your garden will be the best place for it. For instance, should you choose a plant which requires plenty of sunlight, it’s not a good idea to install it in a garden with plenty of shade. Some plants thrive better in certain areas of the country, never attempt to force a plant to grow if your region is not suitable for it. Should you be unsure on what to do, speak to your landscaping service for assistance. Never be scared to get outside help. Remember to take into account any local wildlife. Should you suffer from deer problems, don’t buy plants they like to eat.

Not seeing the bigger picture
You have to choose a theme for your landscaper to work with. This could damage your curb appeal. Take time to look out of your window. What do you see? Determine what you would like to see. Go outside, and make a general plan where you want to plant each item so that it looks beautiful whatever the angle is. Never rush this; this only leads to making mistakes.

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